WORSHIP IN MY TEMPLE ALONE- 5 steps to keeping your partner


Yes, I realize that the name would attract anticipation about something spiritual; it isn’t. What I mean by “worship in my temple” is relationship based and as you read further am sure you would see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In our relationships we constantly worry about our partner straying; this is so much so for the females. They live in constant anxiety that their man is “Worshiping in another temple”; by that I mean the man is being unfaithful and sampling other merchandise. The fact that the women are more adept at having this sort of anxiety doesn’t mean that the males themselves don’t have occasional bouts of the same anxiety.

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The quest to ensure your partner worships in no other temple but yours is one that begs hard work. In this issue I would make things easier for you by outlining 5 MUST NOT DO’S to keep your partner in your temple. This is necessary because most times in our relationships we go to the extreme in our desire to remain forever the only priest/priestess your partner is paying homage and worship to. This is more likely to chase your partner to another temple than to keep them firmly rooted as believers of your temple worship.

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Number one thing you should never do: Never invade your partner’s phone. Some partners especially the women due to a lack of trust in the relationship would often than not sneak into their partners phone in search of incriminating evidence of his divergence to a different temple of worship. Let me tell you why going through his phone or her phone is horribly wrong and disastrous in your relationship. For one if Bae is actually faithful and they happen to catch you sneaking up on them and searching their phones and gadgets you will inadvertently lose their trust and some part of the relationship is already LOST. In the case that they are actually being unfaithful, you would lose your peace of mind; you may act out irrationally and aggravate situations that may have easily resolved themselves. Take for example they went astray but in their mind they were repentant and were wallowing in guilt and had decided you were the one for them; hell, their little roadside trip might have been the clincher that sealed the deal. It might have been as a result that they decided you were incomparable and invaluable and that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with you. Then you from nowhere went and snooped and found evidence that was damning and rather than stick to calm discourse (and I know that’s hard but there you go) you start raving and ranting, you burn down their car or slap them, you refuse to accept their plea, you do not listen. All of that would lead them to have a rethink and it could just send them right back to Temple number 2.

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The second thing you must never do: Never put an investigator to investigate your partner or listen to friends report. You may be the type who can’t just rest easy if you don’t at all times know where your partner is or what they are doing. Sweet heart you would need to work on that if that relationship is going to flourish. There are several ways things could go wrong if you listen to what friends have to say of pay someone to investigate for you. For one, your friends could have mis-judged the situation they are reporting to you and so could your investigator. You could say pictures don’t lie and those pictures are of your partner at lunch with someone you didn’t know, or you saw an exchange of flowers or a hug…come on..all of these can be innocently explained. He/she could have just randomly met an old school mate and decided to have lunch, the flowers exchanging hands might be for you, he/she could have had them ordered, or it could be a number of things. However, because you lack trust you would jump to the conclusion you wanted the most and that would wreck things. On the other hand your friends could be intentionally trying to wreck your relationship for personal purposes. On the off-chance that something is happening things could still turn out wrong, because if your partner was trying to leave you but had been having second thoughts and convictions to the contrary, your lack of trust and invasion of his/her privacy would most assuredly not endear them to you. They would be enlisting in the new temple that same minute, either way you lose.

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A third thing to never do: Never resolve any altercation when you are still enraged. Take a minute to cool down and have rational thoughts about the altercation. This is because when tempers are high and voices are raised, things you don’t mean would come spewing out and it would do nothing but aggravate the situation. Walk away, take a stroll, don’t drive please..just leave for a time and calm down. Think rationally and return and sit your partner down for a matured conversation about what had transpired.

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Number four on the Never do list: Never disrespect your partner’s family. Whether you like them or not, whether they are those Igbo or Yoruba relatives that like to invade your home and call you “our wife” and demand you wait on them hand and foot. Whatever they may be like, you must never disrespect them; even if they are the over possessive brothers who don’t think you are good enough for their sister or the overbearing mother who criticizes your cooking and house-keeping skills. No excuse is good enough to disrespect family. Your patience and show of respect to your partner’s people would help cement his respect for you, he would regard you and without your saying anything he would defend you and take your side at all times and you would be none the wiser for it.

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The fifth thing you should never do: Never give your partner reason to doubt your fidelity. We all want to be trusted, we all want our partners never to doubt us but we all forget that we are humans. When you do things that arouse suspicion you can’t expect the human mind not to stray to the worst possible scenarios and if you don’t have a patient and understanding partner then that relationship is headed for the rocks. When you go out till late and your phone is turned off and your partner cannot reach you and you offer no explanations, of course there is bound to be strife. When you are too cozy with the females who are always clingy with you, you don’t bother to introduce your lady to them in public you just enjoy their attention rather than pull her close and say “meet milady, Queen of my heart” then of course you are inviting another temple into your lady’s life. This is because she would leave you for someone who respects her more.

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Little things such as these and many others are what we don’t take into consideration most times but these are the things that would often break up a relationship and that temple that you want cherished would be relegated to the background and several other temples would be pitching for attention. So basically if you want your partner to keep “Worshiping in your temple” you need to work hard at it. Relationships are hard enough to maintain without you adding the little things that are sure to kill it even faster.