Why my Wife Packed Out Of the House – Comedian AY Speaks Out

There have been different rumours of why Mabel  Makun packed out of their matrimony home but nobody seems to knows the concrete reason for her action.The comedian  who mounted the  stage to address the ‘rumour’ said his wife, Mabel Makun packed out of his house for 3 days because he had to fumigate the house’

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It would be recalled that, the news went viral when Mabel moved her things out of the house while AY was far away in London.ay and his wife

Fans are  now asking why Mabel used a truck to move her things out, if it was only fumigation, and how possible was it for AY who was in London to fumigate his home as at then. Some even asked if it was AY’s duty or that of Mabel.