We’ve found reasons why you need to suit up with Jiji


Jiji.ng is the best shopping solution for people who take care about their time and money. Thanks to it, you don’t have to spend the whole day wandering around the city in search of something. With online classifieds, you get the immediate access to hundreds of thousands of ads, including electronics, devices, stuff for kids, pets, vehicles, clothing. And the list is far from complete yet.


Jiji works like a market where people can sell their stuff, only with some differences in the assortment and domain. Now it is possible to post ads for free and make them available throughout the country. No need to pay rent for counters, no need to spend hours standing on local markets waiting for buyers. All you need is to provide valid contacts, and the number of potential buyers will embrace the entire population of the country.

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Still, it is not the only feature making Jiji so unique service. Jiji is different from any web store. Actually, because it is not a web store – rather a marketplace that lets people easily cooperate. Sellers and buyers get a possibility to communicate with each other directly. Thus, it becomes very easy to specify all details in case of need. And the absence of shopping assistants makes the prices lower than in any other store.

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Besides everything other, Jiji helps you to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Here you can find a lot of clothing items – from socks to wedding wear. There are a lot of new things, and there is pre-owned stuff, too. But pre-owned doesn’t mean bad. On Jiji, you can find clothes from world famous brands and designers at affordable prices.

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Jiji is shopping spot No.1 in Nigeria. 530,000 active ads and 10,000,000 monthly visitors make it the biggest website. Functionality, wide section and users’ trust make it the greatest.