“The unflagging spirit of our people triumphed” – Aregbesola speaks


THE Osun State re-elected incumbent Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, yesterday expressed the urgent need to set the country free from political bondage.

The governor, who made the call while reacting to his victory
in Saturday’s election in the state, said he encountered lots
of challenges before he emerged victorious in the poll.

His words: “It was so sad and unfortunate that the contest
that should be a normal, routine process was allowed to
snowball into a needless virtual war by the Federal
Government and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

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“Ordinarily, this should be a moment of joy and celebration
consequent upon the hard-earned triumph of the people’s
will. However, this election shows that democracy is still
gravely endangered in Nigeria. We witnessed gross abuse of
power and of due process before, during, and even after the
actual voting process.”

The governor, who alleged that Osun State was unduly
militarised in an unprecedented manner through criminal
intimidation and psychological assault on the people, also
alleged that the election witnessed abuses by security
agencies, which, according to him, amounted to corruption of
their professional ethics and integrity.

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He said: “Hundreds of leaders, supporters, sympathisers and
agents of our party were arrested and detained. Also,
hundreds of other innocent citizens, including women and the
aged, were harassed, brutalised and traumatised. In spite of
this condemnable repression and abuse of human rights, the
unflagging spirit of our people triumphed.

He noted that the outcome of the election reflected the
unswerving determination of Osun people to ensure that
democracy triumphed in Nigeria, stressing that Osun people
had sent a strong signal to all and sundry that no might was
powerful enough to thwart the will of the people.