Troops intercepts 3 buses carrying 51 Borno youths travelling to Abuja


A Three 18-seater buses conveying 51 young men travelling from Maiduguri in Borno State to Abuja was intercepted by Nigeria troops, the Nigeria Defence Headquarters has announced on Thursday.

The DHQ said the officers of the Special Task Force were investigating the motive for the movement of the youths, adding that the youths claiming to be travelling under the directive of a government official in Borno.

No government official has yet confirmed the claim, the military

According to the post made on its website, the Nigerian military
authorities stated that the transportation of the youths occurred
around 3 a.m. when they were stopped in Plateau state.

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“Officers of the Special Task Force are currently trying to unravel
the motive for the movement of some youths from Maiduguri
heading to Abuja at about 3am when they were accosted in
Plateau State on Wednesday,” the DHQ said.

It added that the youths were being chaperoned by a lady.

“Numbering about 51, the youths were under the guidance of a
lady as they were being conveyed in three 18-seater mass transit
buses when they were intercepted along Babale in Plateau state as
they journeyed from Maiduguri to Abuja in the night. “During the
interrogation that followed, they claimed they were being conveyed
to Abuja on the directives of a Borno State Government official to
meet their relatives for assistance in an economic empowerment

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“The official is yet to respond to series of efforts to verify the
claims,” the military added.

It said further that, “The issue is being investigated to ascertain
the genuine mission of such a team of young persons moving in
the night more so as they have made contradictory statements as
to the sponsorship of their mission to Abuja.

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“The movement is being assessed in the light of the security
situation and the suspicious claims of the youths.”