Teenager dies after inhaling marijuana

The parents of the California teenager who died shortly, after being in coma, owing to the hit of synthetic marijuana, Connor Eckhardt, are making everyone aware about how dangerous this legal drug can be sometimes.

Eckhardt, Connor’s father told KTLA, the local news channel that he was in peer pressure and hence gave in to that, as he thought it was OK and safe; however, one hit later, he went to sleep and never woke up.

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19 year old Connor Eckhardt died a month back, after he inhaled the fumes of dried herbs that were sprayed with a mixture of synthetic chemicals that were intended for replicating the high of real pot. Since the laws are reactionary, the makers of synthetic marijuana mix up a new concoction constantly for spraying on herbs and for staying a step ahead of the legislatures.

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Even though the sale of these synthetic cannabinoids is forbidden owing to the comprehensive laws, new versions constantly make their way to the market and tiniest of loopholes are exploited.

Wherever, there are synthetic pot brands in the market, there have been cases of emergency room visits. With various studies synthetic marijuana as well as other designer drugs are linked to instances such as brain damage and stroke, just like that of Eckhardt- coma and then death.