Story Story With Torie- STAR-CROSSED Episode 2 [READ]

READ: Story Story With Torie Presents STAR CROSSED Episode 1[READ]

Before we begin this week’s episode, if you haven’t read episode one please the link is right above. do read it so you can follow this tale of Ariana and Joey in their enigmatic star crossed romance.

ep 2

Episode 2

…Joey closed the door to the office and came to stand by me. I suddenly had a boost of confidence to face Michael; My kryptonite. He is my Ex whom I very much loved and thought was my soul mate and who ditched me for fake ass lady Eva over here. The whole shenanigan had crushed my ego so badly that 6 months had not healed it.

Michael glances at me, then at Joey, then back at me and my heart swells with pride and joy as his boastful look suddenly diminishes into a questioning glare. He was obviously wondering who Joey was and the scenario before me brought the lyrics of Ciara’s ‘I Bet’ to memory. Unconsciously I realized I had started singing some lines from the song in my head…”I bet you start loving me, soon as I start loving someone else, somebody better than you”, I was even doing a little sexy dance in my head..LOL..

I joyfully look them in the eye and say “Michael Hi, Eva What’s up?

They are both shocked at my cheerful manner because for weeks after the coup they planted on me, I couldn’t face them, so my sudden bout of confidence was shocking to them.

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“Hey Ariana” Eva said and I suddenly felt the overwhelming need to claw her eyes out. The bitch had the nerves to smile at me after stealing my man so boldly and in an unrepentant manner. I smile at her for a split second and glance away dismissively.

I turn to Joey “You done?

“Yeah” he replied in that deliciously eatable voice of his and I was suddenly the one with the boastful smirk as I turn to look at Michael

“See you guys around” I say and turn to leave, I pick up my heavy bag and Joey takes it from me and pulls me close by the waist.

“I’ve told you there is no reason to carry such heavy stuff around babe”

Hold up..hold up.. “Babe? Did he just call me babe? That was when I realized he had read the situation and was playing along to help my ego. How sweet.

I smile and touch his chin fondly “I know babe, I just do it out of habit”

Michael finally can’t take the curiosity anymore and he asks “Won’t you introduce me?

I am somewhat taken aback. This dude was very funny actually. After what he did to me, why the f**k does he think he has the right to ask me to introduce him to anyone am with. If he had any shame he would take his bitch and just walk away, but here he is making conversation because he just had to know what was going on in my life. I had every plan to ignore him until Joey stretches out his hand and said “Hey, am Joey, Ari’s Boyfriend”

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Again, I am stunned. I know it is all a prank but it feels so damn good for this lovely human to refer to me as his girlfriend, especially to the face of this sly mother******

“Boyfriend? Michael asks and I notice Eva ogling Joey. I smile, the bitch just couldn’t help herself could she?

“Yes” I replied and then turning to Eva I say “Eyes off my man or this time I would have no issues scratching out your eyes”

“So savage, Ariana” she replies me, but she looks away from Joey and then suddenly she stops dead in her tracks and without looking I know what she has seen, Joey’s g-wagon. She looks from him to me and then back to him as he touches the unlock button on his remote.

“Oh my God” she shamelessly rushes to his side, not that I could blame her. That ride could stupefy anybody. “You own a G-wagon?

He simply shoves her gently aside and guides me to the passenger side. Hahahaha..right now I am Queen Bee bitches

Joey gets in and with two perfect fingers he gives Michael and Eva the peace sign before starting the engine and backing away’ Damn that was so sexy. After we had driven a distance I could hold it in no longer. I start to laugh and Joey glances over at me with a smile playing on his lips. He calmly reaches back and hands me a bottled water as I had started to choke.

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I hydrate, turn in my seat and look at him; I just watched him with his masculine hand on the wheel and sigh at the way the sun rays were highlighting his black wavy hair. I shake my head as if to free myself of such thoughts and in that instant he turns to me and I say “Thank you for making my day Joey”


thanks for be continued..keep the guess work going. What do you think would happen next between A&J. come back next Saturday to for the next episode.

READ: Story Story With Torie Presents STAR CROSSED Episode 1[READ]