Story Story With Torie Presents STAR CROSSED – Episode 1[READ]

Star-crossed is going to be a story that bodes on romance, betrayal, passion and love. It would be a series with weekly episodes, one that can be followed by the readers. This week is the premiere of star-crossed and the very first episode is right after the cut. Enjoy and come back for more, stay tuned and find out what unravels in this tale of Ariana and Joey.

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Episode One

Ari’s P.O.V

I had just stepped out of my faculty and was wondering how to brave the sun and leg it to the dorm, when I suddenly stood transfixed. A car was driving in, right up to the front parking area of the faculty building. As it approached, I realized I must have gone briefly insane to have referred to it as a ‘car’. This was no car, it was a freaking Machine, a gad-damn G-wagon.

I stood there, mouth open and tongue lolling as I ogled this piece of metal beauty that had just parked right in my front. I was so busy ‘calling God on all numbers and begging him to pick up the call and answer me with such a ride’ that I did not notice that the driver’s side had opened and someone had stepped out. I must have had a crazy look on my face because next thing I heard was a masculine laugh, followed by .. “Nice Ride Huh?

“Bloody, freaking nice” I replied subconsciously, before glancing up, only to be stunned back into silence by another beauty. What was happening? This time, the beauty was most definitely not a ‘metallic’ one. How could anyone be so good-looking, ahn ahn, kilode? I asked myself. My nigga was just fine anyhow…I was somewhere in my trance when I realized his beautiful mouth was moving. I snapped back to reality, wondering if the G-wag and this beautiful creature  had somehow killed off some of my brain cells. This was quite feasible as I was acting like a zombie.

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I looked up and tuned in and he was saying…”anyhow, my name is Joey”. I totally did not catch what he had said prior to his name, but Erggghh who cares; fine boy with fine name..Oshey.

“Ari” I replied, then added “My name is Ariana”

“Wow” he said as he arched one perfect brow in surprise. He laughed “That is such a beautiful name”. Boy, he had such a lovely laugh, so melodious that I could feel myself melting in places that I refuse to mention.

“Is this your faculty? He asked and I winced. so we were done with the flirting, were we? Okay.

“Yes” I replied as I hoisted my heavy bag back up on my shoulder. I really needed to go because this psychology books weighed a ton. I opened my mouth to bid him goodbye and then apologise for ogling his car, which would have been formality because I was certainly in no way sorry but then he said.. “I came to see professor Abimbola Davies, mind pointing me to her office please?

Mind ke? Why would I mind? How could I refuse this beautiful being anything, I wondered.

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“Sure” I replied and rather than describe the place to him, I took him up some flight of steps and then down a couple of corridors and showed him to her door. Again, I was about to turn around and leave, because as it were, my love for G-wagons had already added some stress to my already stressful day, I needed to go chill. He, however, still had stuff on his mind because just as I began to turn away, he held on to my arm and pulled me back.

“I won’t be long” He said “She’s my aunt and I am just dropping something off”. I eyed him in surprise

“Err, okay? I said, because I did not quite get and I must have had the why-are-you-telling-me-all-these, look because he chuckled, which was so hot by the way, and then he let go of my arm..sigh, why? Keep holding papi.

“I would love for you to wait, I could take you where you are going?

I thought of that piece of metallic deliciousness he had for a ride and said heck yeah in my mind but physically I had to form small na, ellooo, can’t be bush anyhow.

“That’s not necessary, you don’t ha….

“I insist” he interrupted my half-hazard attempt to decline his offer “I promise, just two minutes and if I am not out you can ball out”

Oh, I won’t be balling anywhere I thought but I said okay and he disappeared into the office after winking at me….Why do this to me, brother? You are already sexiness personified, don’t wink at a sister.

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I sat on a seat in the waiting area and crossed my legs to relieve the aching that suddenly began down south. He sure knew how to get my warmth warmed up. I shook my head, Ari you have been celibate far too long I said to myself because that was the only logical explanation to my reaction.

I was sitting there when I heard a familiar laugh, I turned only to see my kryptonite approaching….and he was with her. I stiffened just as he saw me and changed directions towards me, with a smirk on his face, making me feel like gauging out his eyes. I forced myself to sit with my spine straight, you would think I was English royalty the way I immediately composed…no time, I was all chin up, back straight and face unreadable.

I was preparing for the worse but just then Joey stepped out…..

To be continued, same time next week…come back and find out what transpired next and just who is this ‘Kryptonite’ and who is the ‘her’ that Ari was referring to. Tune in next Saturday and get the details for yourself.