South Korea ferry disaster captain gets 36 years in prison


Following five months of dramatic and often painful testimony, Judgement has been given over the south Korea ferry that sank in April this year.

The judgement found the captain of the ferry, Captain Lee join seok, 69, guilty of professional negligence and he has been sentenced to 36 years imprisonment.

The captain of the South Korean ferry that sank in April with the loss of more than 300 lives has been jailed for 36 years despite being acquitted of murder.

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The court found all the remaining 13 surviving crew members guilty of various charges, including negligence, and handed down prison terms ranging from five to 20 years.

The trial at Gwangju District Court, about 260 kilometres south of Seoul, has riveted a nation still reeling from the tragedy that fueled public anger at President Park Geun Hye over her handling of the disaster.

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The ferry was carrying hundreds of children on a school trip when it capsized off the country’s southern coast and only 172 of the 476 people on board survived the April 16 sinking.