SHOCKING! Boy, 12, stabs 9-year old boy to death on playground


Shocking! A 12-year-old boy from Michigan is being accused of stabbing a 9-year-old boy to death.

He will be charged as an adult and the Kent County chief
assistant prosecutor Chris Becker wants to make sure he is
prosecuted to the largest extent of the law. The 12-year-old
boy by the name of Jamarion Lawhorn plead not
guilty in juvenile court on Tuesday to an open murder charge,
which resulted in the death of 9-year-old Michael Conner
Verkerke. The transcripts from his call to 911 reveals the

This past Monday night, Jamarion politely asked to borrow a
phone from a man working in his yard, then called 911 and
told them he stabbed someone on the playground to death.

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“Hi. I just stabbed somebody,” Lawhorn said. “Please pick me
up. I want to die. I don’t want to be on this Earth anymore.”
He will more than likely be sentenced as a child, and
resentenced once he turns 21-years-old.

“This route was taken because if a juvenile is charged as a
juvenile in juvenile court, the judge would have no option but
to discharge at the age of 21,” assistant Kent County
Prosecutor Laura said.

If Jamarion is convicted, a judge will review his case every
three months and could apply the adult sentence at any time,
which will probably happen. If he is not sentenced during the
judges review until his 21st birthday, a judge will have to let
him free or give him another sentence.

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His defense attorney Charles Bokeloo claims he needs to go
through a mental evaluation to see if he is able to stand trial.
He is currently being jailed until a preliminary hearing on the
13th of August.

According to Clifton, Jamarion is the youngest person in the
history of his county to be charged with open murder, and also
one of the youngest in Michigan.

Jamarion pulled out a knife underneath the playground sand
on Monday and repeatedly stabbed the 9-year-old in the back.
The little boy ran home and fell on his front porch, his mother
found him and started screaming hysterically.

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Jamarion called 911 and allowed the police to arrest him
without a problem. They still can’t figure out his motive.