SHOCKER! Gang of 8 men attacks a store only to steal “Human Hair”

You may find this shocking as much we do . A gang of robbers in Houston attacked a store but instead of going for the cash register, they stole only hair extensions aka human hair.

The 8 men are said to have crashed a truck into the “Beauty Sensations” store and stolen the hair, some costing about $400 each.

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The owner’s son, Kevin Kim said:
“Total of eight guys came in, in and out, in and out, took everything”

While the store’s manager, Deneen
Jacobs, said: “It’s a hot commodity,” “I mean everybody’s buying hair, everybody wants hair. And it’s expensive.”

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Ms. Jacobs believes that the thieves must have been in the store before because they knew exactly what they wanted.

The police are investigating the case and hope to identify the suspects through the surveillance video