Shiite Muslim/Nigeria troops clash: Sheikh Zakzaky’s 3 sons, 9 others died

IN a developing news of the clash between Nigerian troops and Muslim sect, Shiite yesterday, Nigerian Shiite Muslims has issued a statement indicting Nigerian troops of killing 12 of their members and injuring 40 others in a clash between the group and soldiers in Zaria.

According to the group, Mahmud, the son of the leader of the
group, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, two of his brothers whose name
are yet to be identified as at the time of this report, as well as a
woman with a baby strapped to her back were among those
gunned down were.

Ibrahim Musa, the editor of Al-Mizan, the weekly newspaper
published by the group, said in a statement, “Reports reaching our
news desk now indicated that some soldiers of the Nigerian army
have opened fire on the tail end of the Quds procession held after
Jumaat prayers in Zaria, Kaduna State.

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“The procession, which took off from Sabon Gari Jumaat Mosque,
reached Kofar Doka peacefully with no incident. However some
soldiers attacked the procession at PZ junction in Zaria.
“They shot Mahmud Ibraheem Zakzaky, but [his body] was taken
away by the Muslim brothers. But several [other] Muslim brothers
were shot by the security agents.

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“As at the time of writing this report, there is no confirmation on
the number of Muslim brothers shot or killed by the soldiers, but
our [sources] say five people were killed. The Quds procession
was held today peacefully in more than 10 Nigerian cities. Why the
attack on the Zaria procession?

“the latest report on the attack by soldiers on Quds peaceful
procession is that ten Muslim brothers were gunned down by the
soldiers, among them Mahmud Ibraheem Zakzaky, son of Sheikh
Ibraheem Zakzaky, and a Muslim sister with her child on her back.

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There are over 40 Muslim brothers’ casualties with different
degrees of gunshots by the soldiers. The story is still unfolding,
with reinforcement of soldiers coming from Kaduna, according to
our news sources.”