PHOTOS: This skirt exposed more than Kim kardashian intended

KIM Kardashian isn’t one to balk at revealing attire if it’s going to
flatter her curvaceous figure.
But the 33-year-old reality star was in dire need of assistance
with the clingy, wrap-around gown she wore for a glamorous
photo session in Los Angeles on Sunday.
Kim looked regal in the café au lait-coloured creation that featured
a deep-cut neckline allowing ample views of her cleavage and a
flowing skirt with thigh-skimming slit.

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The skirt nearly exposed more than Kim intended at one point
during the photo shoot, and try as she might, she couldn’t get the
material to behave.
That’s when a handy assistant rushed to the rescue, leaning over
to straighten out the billowing folds and show off Kim’s shapely
leg in a more modest way.
Kim was obviously grateful and she gave the young man in reverse
baseball cap a placid smile.

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The newlywed Keeping Up With The Kardashians star resumed her
position and the camera clicked away, capturing Kim in all her
Her ebony-dark hair was softly curled and allowed to cascade over
one shoulder while neutral-toned make-up and buff-hued nail
polish added more appeal.
Every now and then, Kim’s beige suede pumps would peek from
beneath the fluttering hem of her gown.