Osun poll: APC alerts security agency over alleged PDP plans to assassinate Adeleke and 3 others.


Politics in Osun state has taken a boiling turn as the Governorship election is getting near. All Progressives Congress (APC) has alerted security apparatus in Osun State that Omisore and the PDP have contracted the assassination of four top APC leaders to hired killers from the Niger Delta for immediate execution.

The leaders involved are Alhaji Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke (the first
civilian governor of the state), Elder Peter Babalola (aka Peter
Action), Chief Olu Abiola and Alhaji Fatai Oyedele.
The hired killers, APC reliably gathered, have already commenced
surveillance on the four leaders.

Very credible sources from the PDP (spy) alerted the APC that top PDP
officials took this decision at a meeting in Lagos yesterday.
“We are, therefore, alerting Nigerians of the horrible dimension to
which the PDP’s desperation for power has taken.
“The PDP in Osun State has gone berserk and its members’
diabolical lust for power has become so murderous that they seem
to care less about innocent lives.

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“We are reliably informed that the reason the PDP has suddenly
become this desperate is that in spite of everything the party has
done, the majority of the people of Osun and their leaders remain
resolutely committed to the APC and totally opposed to PDP ideas.
“We, therefore, alert Nigerians and all those who care about life
and democracy that they should hold the PDP responsible for any
harm that may come to these APC leaders, or any chieftain and
members of our party.

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“Nigerians should also hold the party responsible for whatever
abduction or physical assault that may result in the death of
anybody in Osun State in the circumstances of the senseless
violence the PDP has introduced to the electoral process and
activities leading to the August 9 election and thereafter,” the APC

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