Osun Election: APC blames INEC for delaying voters card.


The Osun state election is just few weeks away but the APC seems baffled as the electoral commission, INEC has not issued the permanent voters cards.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has decried the delay in
distributing the permanent voters cards to registered voters
in the state ahead of the Aug. 9th 2014 governorship election
in Osun state, warning that it might be a ploy to
disenfranchise voters.

”INEC has been painfully slow in processing the permanent
voters cards, and one can only hope that the electoral body is
not doing this deliberately to disenfranchise voters, especially
in opposition strongholds,” the party said in a statement
issued in Lagos on Sunday by its National Publicity Secretary,
Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

”The slow processing of the permanent voters cards has in
particular hit the Central Senatorial District of the State, and
has affected those who had earlier registered as well as those
who registered this year,” it said.

APC said INEC has continued to tell those who throng its
offices in the state to collect their permanent voters cards
that the cards are not ready, without giving an indication of
when they will be ready for collection.

”If INEC has no diabolical plan, then it should speed up the
processing of the permanent voters cards. We say this based
on the reported announcement by the REC in Osun State that
whoever does not possess a permanent voters card will not
be allowed to vote in the Aug. 9th election,” the party said.

It urged INEC to maintain its neutrality during the
forthcoming election, and to ensure it does not do anything
that can affect the credibility of the commission or the
integrity of the election.

APC recalled that a few days before the Ekiti governorship
election on June 19th, INEC Chairman Attahiru Jega had told
stakeholders that the commission would use colour-code
ballot papers to ensure that ballots meant for one local
government are not taken to another.

”However, not only did INEC not use colour-coded ballot
papers in the Ekiti election, it never felt the need to explain
its sudden volte-face. This is a blow to the integrity of INEC
and we hope it won’t be repeated,” the party said.
Meanwhile, the APC has raised the alarm over a multi-
pronged strategy by the federal authorities to skew the
forthcoming gubernatorial election in Osun State favour of
the PDP, just like they did in Ekiti State last month.

The party said the dubious strategy by the federal authorities
involves using the military and other security agencies to lock
down the state days ahead of voting as well as an ongoing
starving of the state of funds so it cannot meet its obligations.
”Whereas Ekiti was locked down about three days to the
election in the state, indications are that Osun will be locked
down at least a week before the state’s poll, while the
security agencies will again be used to harass, intimidate and
arrest opposition politicians just like they did with impunity
in Ekiti.

”We are raising the alarm now so the world can see that any
election can only be described as free and fair if the entire
process is transparent and not skewed in favour of any of the
parties. We insist that election is a process, and that
whatever happens on election day is only but a part of the

”Therefore, we demand a level playing field for all the
candidates before, during and after the Osun election. We
reject any plan to use of the military and other security
agencies to lock down the state and to harass, intimidate and
arrest opposition members. We call on local and international
observers to take note of these and other anomalies ahead of
the Osun poll,” it said.

Source: Vanguard

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