OMG! Driver killed By Two Maid He Was Cheating With

A reward of reckless life and adultery was given to a driver who has met his brutal death in the hands of his lovers when they finally found out his infidelity.
The two Asian housemaids in Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates joined hands to strangle the 43-year-old driver to death after discovering that he had a relationship with both of them.

One of the two maids, an Indonesian, went to the Asian driver’s room and slept with him before drugging him and calling the other maid to help her.
The Arabic language daily Al Bayan said the two maids tied a rope round the drugged driver and strangled him. The driver was found dead in his room by an Emirati man and forensic examination showed that he was strangled.

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In court, one maid said she only helped her Indonesian friend in killing the driver after they found out that he was sleeping with both of them.
The paper said the judge on Monday adjourned hearings to May after the victim’s brother demanded the execution of the two maids.