Not less than 15 people drowned so far at Ibadan Flood.


Not less than fifteen people have so far lost their lives as a result of the flood
occasioned by heavy downpour that fell for several hours on

10 casualties were recorded at Apete area of Oyo State on
Saturday, another five persons including three children of a
woman taking refuge in a C&S church located around Olodo river
were said to have been swept away by the raging flood

Regarding the woman that was swept away with used children, a man identified as Fatai Osuolale, said the church and
some buildings were submerged.
According to him, rescue team were still searching for the bodies
of the victims adding that one body had been found so far.
He added that a car was also seen floating on the flood noting that
the owner escaped unhurt as he was seen after the flood had
subsided trying to remove his car.

Meanwhile, the death of about 10 people at Apete area has
triggered street protests by some irate youth who felt that the slow
pace of work on the main bridge led to the death of the people.
During the protest, the youths vandalized the work station of the
contractor handling the Ijokodo-Apete road and the bridge linking
the two communities.

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On the casualties recorded at Apete area of the city, hundreds of
residents were seen at the end of the bridge waiting for rescue
operation to start.
Some of them were throwing stones and other objects at a
combined team of security agents who were at the Ijokodo end of
the road to maintain order.

Bassey Etum, one of the security men employed by the
construction company said that he had to run into the bush to
escape being lynched.
He said, “After the river had overflown its banks, residents at the
community said people drowned because of the bridge that
collapsed. They vented their anger on the company and destroyed
our machines and equipment. They stole computers and other
office equipment too. There were six security men here when they
came last night (Saturday night). They wanted to lynch us so we
ran into a nearby forest. When we returned around 11pm, the
whole place had been vandalized.”

Tunde Emiola, said “the rain started in the afternoon but by
6.30pm the bridge was submerged. I was among the crowd at the
Apete end of the river bank. We saw people trying to make use of
the bridge and warned them but they were desperate to reach
home before it was too dark. Suddenly, the wooden pillars holding
the bridge collapsed and people fell into the river. The current was
too much so there was little hope for survival. We rescued two
people but more than 10 others drowned. I was there and saw it
all till very late. The youths were really angry at the number of
Since the bridge linking Ijokodo community and Apete, Ajibode,
Arula, Awotan, Olomo and other communities collapsed during the
August 26, 2011 flood disaster, construction work on it has been
going on at a snail speed.
The Caretaker Chairman of Ido Local Government, Prof. Joseph
Olowofela, who described the incident as unfortunate explained
that it was the volume of the flood that thwarted the effort of the
council to erect a stronger make-shift bridge there.
He said, “I was here on Friday with the contractor that was to erect
the bridge. But we realised that the volume of the water was too
much so we decided to wait for it to come down. Unfortunately,
heavier rain fell on Saturday which swept away the existing one.
We are hearing lots of stories about the incident but we are yet to
ascertain how many people were actually involved. Those who
were rescued have been taken to a hospital.
“We have a large number of people here so we will go ahead and
construct the bridge. Whatever we do is a palliative measure
because the state government through a contractor is already
working on a standard bridge that will be completed before the end
of this year.”

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