Nigerians begs Obama to give Ebola vaccine to infected Lagos nurse

Following a report from the government of US that they can not give out the experimental vaccine that could be used against Ebola virus disease, Nigerians on different social media platforms on Saturday asked President Barack Obama to give a vaccine, ZMapp, being
developed in the United States to treat a Nigerian nurse, Justina
Ejelonu, reportedly infected with Ebola.

On such websites as Facebook and Twitter, the petitioners begged
Obama to release the vaccine to Ejelonu and other Africans
suffering from the virus. The petitions were made on the White
House website.

Ejelonu, who is one of those that were infected with the Ebola virus
after treating the Liberian victim, Patrick Sawyer, has said she did
not have direct contact with Sawyer’s body fluids.

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The deadly virus, which leads to death in humans within days from
infection, is transmitted through sweat, urine, blood, and other
fluids from the body.

Ejelonu recounted her encounter with Sawyer in a report on a
website, .

According to the website, she said she had checked his vitals and
helped him with food because he was too weak, and that the mode
of transmission could be from touching the same surfaces as the

She said, “I never contacted his fluids. I checked his vitals, helped
him with his food (he was too weak). I basically touched where his
hands touched and that’s the only contact — not directly with his

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“At a stage, he yanked off his infusion and we had blood
everywhere on his bed. But the ward maids took care of that and
changed his linens with great precaution. Every patient is treated
as high-risk. If it were air borne, by now wahala for dey (there
would have been trouble). I still thank God.”

Ejelonu added that the workers’ uniforms and Sawyer’s bedding
were burnt afterwards, saying the staff were under surveillance
and off-duty till August 11.

She said, “Our samples have long been taken by the World Health
Organisation and so far, we have been fine. Kudos to my hospital
management because we work professionally with every patient
considered as high-risk — that’s the training.”

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The health worker noted that if it were a public hospital, the
outcome might have been different, adding that she was however
grateful to the Lagos State Government and the Federal
Government for their support.