Mood-swing or Bipolar?

Humans are beings who are prone to changes in behavioral patterns. This is often referred to as mood swings and some have more severe cases than others. A swing in one’s mood results in long periods of sadness, depression, feelings of guilt, hopelessness etc.  It could also lead to a loss of interest in several things including things one has always loved such as particular foods, sex and many other activities of sort. This is just a normal human variation even though some have it less often than others; it still boils down to how everyone has a different composition and so reacts or behaves differently.

However, a more intense issue that is always discussed along these lines is bipolar disorder. This is a mental illness that is severe and isn’t diagnosed without real pointers indicating the presence of such a severe illness. Bipolar disorder as research has shown is a result of chemical and electrical components of the human brain not functioning properly, resulting in a rapid shifts between moods. Someone who is bipolar has the following symptoms associated with him/her; episodes of manic behavior, a feeling of being able to do anything, lack of sleep with little or no tiredness, episodes of euphoria (extreme excitement), extreme displays of emotion, wanting to indulge in activities that could be dangerous, feeling of grandiosity (holding self in too high esteem) among others.

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bipolar-disorder-mood-swingsThis disorder comes in three forms; bipolar I, bipolar II, cyclothymia. Bipolar I is the full blown disorder with the manic episodes and deep rage, feelings of intense depression with intense morbid thoughts, including suicidal thoughts. Such people have to be constrained to a hospital in some severe cases to avoid them hurting themselves or others. Bipolar II refers to those with a milder symptom occurrence as compared to the ones with bipolar I, these people don’t necessarily have manic episodes but have the rapid shift in emotions. Cyclothymia is a bipolar-like disorder with very mild symptoms so much so that it can’t exactly be called bipolar-disorder.

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There is a need for everyone to understand their personality to a large extent as it dictates how one’s personal and even professional life is steered. Someone who doesn’t even understand if his/her personality is just a normal recurrent mood swing, or cyclothymia or either of the bipolar disorders would definitely have issues with relationships.  This kind of person would lash out without even realizing it and people around would wonder at the odd behavior and this can lead to people not wanting to associate with you. A backslide to such a scenario is one would lose opportunities, lifelong friends, and so much gratification. So with all these being said, it is paramount to pay attention to your personality, understand yourself so people can understand you. Whether you are bipolar or just have issues with mood swings, there is nothing wrong with you; you just need to be able to find a coping mechanism that doesn’t affect people around you.

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