Manchester united bans tablets and laptops at Old trafford

The Premier League football club , Manchester United has banned fans from bringing tablets and laptops to football matches at its stadium.

The club said it was reacting to “security intelligence,” adding the
restriction was in line with new checks on electronic equipment at

It said that unlike at airports, it would be “impractical” at the
stadium to check the devices were genuine by asking for them to
be powered up.

Greater Manchester Police said it was not involved with the ban
“in any way”.
A statement on the club’s site says the ban extends to large and
small tablets “including iPad minis”, as well as larger electronic

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Smartphones are still permitted as long as their dimensions are
smaller than 15cm by 10cm (5.9in by 3.9in).

“The regulations at each stadium are a matter for the relevant
stadium management authorities, however, the scale of Old
Trafford and profile of Manchester United mean that the risk at this
venue is unique,” it adds.

A spokesman for the club told the BBC it had made the move after
receiving “advice”, but would not say from whom this had come.

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He added the action was unrelated to concerns about fans using
tablets to record video of matches, potentially blocking the view of
others, as had been reported elsewhere.

A spokesman for the Premier League said: “This is not something
we are responsible for or involved in.”
The Football Association was unable to provide comment at this

The government announced in July that passengers flying to the
US or elsewhere who passed through UK airports needed to show
that devices carried in their hand luggage were charged and could
be powered on. The move followed a warning that US officials had
become aware of a “credible” unnamed terrorist threat.

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The airport restrictions cover phones, MP3 players and cameras in
addition to larger kit.