Love Gone Sour: Ciara is a Controlling b*tch- Future [Read]


Future and Ciara when the going was good
Future and Ciara when the going was good


It is a great feud when two loving couple separate. You often wonder if they ever loved each other. Anyways, going straight to the point,  former lovers Ciara and Future is at it again.

Yesterday evening, Future took to his twitter account blasting his baby mama Ciara saying she’s a “b*tch” with control problems and she’s preventing him from seeing their 1-year-old son. In his series of tweets, he admitted that despite the $15k he pays in child support per month , he has to go through lawyers again in order to see his kid — also named Future . He did not end his tweets without emphasizing that he is out of patience and that he wants his baby, Future


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