Is PMB the ‘Angel we don’t know?

The controversial regime of the present president of Nigeria, President Mohammadu Buhari was one which began on May 29, 2015. Prior to this there had been a thorough election with the two contending parties, PDP and APC tugging it out. Amidst all the drama and the cries of the people for change, APC emerged as the ruling party and the nation was handed over to them on the 29th of May 2015.

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This party, during their campaigns made a lot of promises which had the people anticipating their take over of office. Amidst these promises, the party promised to bring about employment. It was promised that there would be about 3 million jobs per year for fresh graduates. The party also promised to rejuvenate the power of the naira and stabilize it. As a matter of fact, the president promised to make Naira equal to the dollar among many other such promises. These and many other reasons threw the whole Nigerian populace into a frenzy, as they anticipated a speedy change to the governance issue of the nation. This is however not seeming to be the issue and the Nigerian people are beginning to fidget and complain.

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President Buhari is not ruling the nation for the first time. He was a military regime head of state, a position he attained through a coup d’etat. He therefore has experience with ruling and governance, albeit not in the civilian sense of the word. The question on the lips of a lot of Nigerians is whether or not the president can keep to the promises he made to the Nigerian people. A lot of people were relieved at the change of power from PDP to APC  as they felt it was a breath of fresh air that the country needed. However after about 11 months in office, can we say the change we voted for is imminent?

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The regime of this government began in the rockiest of ways. First, the Naira which was promised would be equal to the dollar only seemed to plummet farther down and at present the dollar is 220 or more in the black markets to the US dollar while the CBN keeps it at 199. This has worsened the states of living of the Nigerian populace. As if this was not enough, soon after, there was an unbelievable fuel scarcity in the whole nation which further made the whole populace to question the government in power. In addition to this, there was the issue of the budget which was not released thereby keeping a lot of things on standstill including the national youth service corps which was continually moved from February to April 27 when stream I finally went for orientation. The president has also been accused of spending his time travelling from place to place rather than being on ground to properly govern the nation placed in his hands.

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This and many more has left Nigerians wondering if the devil they knew (PDP, GEJ) was better than the angel they did not know (APC, PMB). Could it also be that the Nigerian people are just impatient and expecting a speed of light change to a situation which needs time? However, if this is the case why can’t things stay the way they were rather than getting worse? Could it be that we have elected a party who cannot keep their promises or do we need to be more patient and give them their full tenure to be productive? Whatever the case may be Nigeria is a country that is resilient and has survived a lot, so whatever the issue of the present party in power, we would emerge triumphant. We do plead with our leaders to be more passionate about the needs of the masses.

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