IMPEACHMENT: Nyako on the run, escaped to Britain in a private jet


The ousted Governor of Adamawa, murtala Nyako, as reported, escaped from Nigeria through the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja in a private jet on July 15, 2014.

The former Chief of Naval Staff’s successful flight from the
country at the time he did, is said to be causing unease and
serious embarrassment to the nation’s security establishment,
as it is being suspected that the man could not have taken off
without the support of insiders.

It was gathered that Nyako was assisted to flee by those who were also detailed to stop him from slipping off their hands.

It was learnt that Nyako had sought the assistance of some
sympathetic security agents and secured their subtle support
on how to leave the country undetected just before his ouster
by the House of Assembly and beat the hordes of security
agents, who had been detailed to arrest him.

The former Chief of Defence Staff is said to have made
arrangements to leave Yola, the state capital for Abuja a day
before his impeachment, having been convinced that the
seven-man panel raised by the House of Assembly had
indicted him on many fronts.

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It was learnt that on the day of the impeachment, Nyako
had prepared a phantom convoy of about 10 cars, which he
used in confusing security agents to believe that he was still
around in the country, many hours after he had sneaked out
of town.

According to a competent source, who was privy to the
movement, Nyako had earlier that morning of July 15, 2014,
left his Abuja residence with some of his close aides in a
private car and was ushered into a waiting private jet at the
NAIA Abuja.

The jet, according to the source, is owned by a top Nigerian,
who is sympathetic to Nyako and believes that he was
hounded out of office because of his defection from the
Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the opposition All
Progressives Congress (APC).

The source explained that since the former governor’s flight
from the private wing of the NAIA Abuja was pre-arranged,
security agents, who would have arrested Nyako on arrival
at the airport, rather gave him a quick pass and he flew out
of the airport in a jiffy.

Findings show that about an hour after Nyako’s plane had
taken off from the private wing of the airport, his phantom
convoy made its way to the airport giving security agents the
erroneous belief that he was inside his official car.
The security agents waited for the governor to arrive so as
to stop him from flying. It was too late.

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In the convoy, a Land Cruiser Jeep emblazoned with the
Coat of Arms and Marked “Adamawa State Governor”,
occupied the space meant for Nyako but the former governor
was not in any of the vehicles.

On stopping the convoy and searching, the security men,
who had now been alerted to grab Nyako, only found some of
his aides in his official car. They were livid.
One of Nyako’s aides told Saturday Vanguard that the
security men had to quickly ferry the former naval officer
out of the country because they feared for his life.

The source explained that there were unconfirmed reports
that the man could be harmed after being removed from

“We had information that they would deal with Nyako in
ways he did not anticipate because of the letter he wrote
accusing the Federal Government of committing genocide in
the North under the guise of fighting terrorism,” one of his
aides said. “That is why it was imperative for the security
officials, who knew the plot to harm him to assist him out of
the country. Indeed, we can say that it is the same people,
who had the duty to arrest him that assisted him to leave the
country because of the fear that he could be harmed because
of the gamut of security information at his disposal,” another
source said.

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A few days after Nyako had left Nigeria, the Economic and
Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, said it was finding it
difficult to track down the former governor for arrest over
alleged misappropriation of funds.

A spokesman for the EFCC, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, said the
commission might be tempted to declare Nyako wanted if he
continues to hide.