Hygiene Tips: 8 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Mouth Odour

Do you know that your mouth odour can ruin your relationship and keep friends away from you? Do you know that you could actually have bad breath and not know it because no one wants to embarrass you by telling you the truth? Well that is through, people find it rather embarrassing to tell a person with mouth odour how stinking his/her mouth is rather they try not to associate themselves with you or sideline you.

Mouth odour can really be embarrassing and disgraceful, however, here are some few remedies that can help you get through this conveniently.

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How To Get Rid of Mouth Odor

1. Brush Twice a Day. Yes, you were told this in primary school. In the morning, you brush before going to work or school and you could stay there all day without any oral hygiene. When you get home, for proper care of the mouth and to avoid the accumulation of food particles that can cause bad breath, brush before you go to bed.

2. Use a Tongue Scrapper. You can find this in a pharmacy and they’re quite cheap. Bad breath comes from plaque that accumulates in the tongue’s folds, especially toward the back. Use a tongue scrapper twice a day.

3. Floss. Dental flosses are also cheap. Buy one and run a line through teeth denture. If you have the balls, smell it and you’ll find where the smell is coming from.

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4. Moisturise Your Mouth. A dry mouth allows for bad odour. Always keep it moisturised by drinking water or chewing gum. Make sure the gum is sugarless.

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5. Eat Fruits. Especially those that contain Vitamin C. They help in fighting harmful bacteria. Also eat veggies like carrots and celery.

6. Brush Regularly. If you eat meals high in garlic and onions, brush your teeth as these can cause a distinct smell in your mouth.

7. Rinse Your Mouth. After each meal, rinse your mouth vigorously with water. This will help rebalance your mouth’s pH levels.

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8. No Smoking. Cigarette smokers have a high chance of experiencing oral infections and disease. Furthermore, they constantly have a plaque accumulation on their teeth, which causes bacteria. In addition, smoking leads to dry mouth and a dry mouth is an oxygen-depleted mouth. This, in turn,  gives that bad bacteria a home to thrive.