High Life Star Gives Back During A Tour To Mali

Flavour who is currently in Mali for a Unification concert which is set to hold this weekend as part of his West African tour. However,During his stay taught it well to hang out with his fans and also to indulge in some philanthropy by vising a children’s Malaria Charity home in Mali.

When asked why philanthropy is an important part of his tour, the musician’s response was simple,

“Philanthropy is not  just an important part of my tour, yet a staple part of my life. I feel it’s important not only to raise awareness on crucial societal issues that men,women and children face in Africa, yet its also key to be invoked in creating the change one wishes to see.  I’ve always wanted to do my best, to do better in giving back and in strengthening  my interaction with unique and remarkable people from across the globe, who despite having faced tough experiences, still find a way to go on with life, happily. It’s humbling meeting such people, this is  one of the greatest privileges that has come with my career.”

Check out pictures of him at the Charity home,

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