He is Fired! – Peter of P Square sheds more light on his reaction against brother [READ]

Peter-Okoye- psquare

Social media was steamed with a lot of controversy in the media yesterday 17th of June, 2016 regarding the family beef relating to the Okoye brothers (P square), Jude, Peter and Paul, with speculations following one another concerning what the drama is all about.psquare-jude-okoye

Jude okoye
Jude okoye

Peter Okoye a member of P Square  finally opens up in his latest Twitter posts. He shared a heart breaking series of tweets that suggests betrayal by his elder brother Jude, who by some form of trickery ensured that his record label, P Classic Records failed in its attempt to sign Cynthia Morgan, then eventually going on to sign her to Northside Music Inc. SEE TWEETS :