Five suspects arrested over kano bombing.


THE Nigeria Police in Kano have arrested five male suspects for their
Complicity in bomb attacks in the ancient city, including the
Sunday bomb blast at St. Charles Catholic Church in which at least
five people were killed and eight were injured.

Two of the suspects were arrested in connection with the foiled
bomb attack at Isyaku Rabiu Mosque, according to a statement by
the Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba.

He said, “As part of ongoing investigations into the various terror-
related incidents that occurred in Kano, Police operatives have
arrested five male suspects for their complicity in the attacks.
“Two were arrested in connection with the foiled attack on Isyaku
Rabiu Mosque while three were arrested in connection with the
attack on St. Charles Church.

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“All the suspects are currently undergoing interrogation at
different police facilities.”

Mba said the attack on the church came shortly after the end of
mass, when the suspects were believed to have thrown Improvised
Explosive Devices at the church located in Sabongari area of the
ancient city.

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An IED that went off at the New Road Motor Park in Kano last
Thursday, had killed five persons and injured eight others, barely
24 hours after twin blasts claimed about 82 lives in Kaduna.

The source of the blast was traced to an IED, which was hidden in
a refrigerator and smuggled into the park by a cart pusher.

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Eyewitnesses indicated that the cart pusher was able to beat
security at the motor gate because he packaged the refrigerator
like a passenger luggage.