Five (5) Ways To Get Rid Of Boredom

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you have a dead phone, no electricity, not enough money to leave the house, just nothing to do at all than to just sit at home and you’re just so bored to death? I was in a situation like this but I just had to do something about it. Boredom is the devil, lol, you start imagining crazy things and this is why I’d be giving you five ways on how you can get rid of boredom.

1) Write– Yes, write. You don’t have to be skilled in writing before you do. Even if it makes no sense, just write. Write about yourself, write about anything and before you know it, you’re engaged in something already.

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2) Draw– This is what I do when boredom starts to creep in. Anybody that knew me when I started drawing knows I used to be a terrible artist. Now, I’m so good, ok, maybe not so good but I’m better than I was when I first started and it feels so good. So, get drawing.


3) Read– Start a book. You can read a book for a whole day

4) Go Walking– Asides the fact that it is a good form of exercise, it kills boredom too. You breathe in fresh air, you feel your environment and if you’re lucky, you might meet a friend on the way and get talking till time is far spent.

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5) Learn A New Skill– If it is baking, or sewing, or even beads making, just learn something. You earn money from it asides killing boredom with it.
    You’d be expecting me to say Sleep, who sleeps the whole day? Lol. You could sleep too but then you are up again in an hour or two. By the time you engage yourself in these five activities, before you know it, Nepa would have restored power or night has fallen. Say No to Boredom Today. Goodluck.

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