Fear raised as another American aid worker is infected with Ebola in Africa


On Sunday, it was reported here that an American Doctor, Dr. Brantly, who treats Ebola patients in Liberia got infected with the virus. A second American citizen has now become infected with the deadly Ebola virus as the worst outbreak ever of the terrifying and grisly disease rages through four West African nations.

Nancy Writebol, an American working for a charity organization in
Liberia has tested positive for the virus officials announced

While her condition was not released. Writebol is undoubtedly
fighting for her life against the virus, which kills 90 percent of
those infected.

So too is American doctor Kent Brantly, the 33-year-old medical
director for charity group Samaritan’s Purse whose been working
in Liberia since October.

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Writebol had been working with Ebola victims in the Liberian
capital of Monrovia for the groups Serving In Mission and
Samaritan’s Purse when she became infected, NBC News reports.

Writebol and her husband David are not medical personnel, but
rather Christian missionaries with 15 years experience serving
disease and poverty-stricken third world nations.

Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, the couple raised two
sons before moving overseas, first to Ecuador and Zambia before
moving to Liberia.

Dr. Kent Brantly, meanwhile, was being treated in Monrovia over
the weekend for the dreaded disease, said Melissa Strickland, a
spokeswoman for Samaritan’s Purse.

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‘We are hopeful, but he is certainly not out of the woods yet,’ she

Early treatment improves a patient’s chances of survival and
Strickland said Brantly recognized his own symptoms and began
receiving care immediately.

The highly contagious virus is one of the most deadly diseases in
the world. The World Health Organization said the outbreak is the
largest ever recorded, killing more than 670 people in Liberia,
Guinea and Sierra Leone since it began earlier this year.


More than 1,000 others have been infected by the virus, which can
go unnoticed for three weeks and kills 90 per cent of victims.
The outbreak started in Guinea in February and spread to
neighboring Liberia and Sierra Leone in weeks.

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Health workers are at serious risk of contracting the disease,
which spreads through contact with bodily fluids.

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