EBOLA: United Nations doctor dies in Germany


A Sudanese United Nations doctor infected with Ebola has died in hospital in Germany. The 56-year-old man who had arrived in Germany from Liberia, was rushed to eastern German town of Leipzig for treatment five days ago, according to local officials.

He is the third person infected with Ebola to be treated in Germany.  

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One of the others, from Senegal, was released in good health from a Hamburg clinic after five weeks’ treatment and has returned to his home country. 


The hospital said: ‘The patient sick with Ebola fever died during the night in St Georg Clinic in Leipzig. Despite intensive medical measures and maximum efforts by the medical team, the 56-year-old UN employee succumbed to the serious infectious disease.’ 

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However,  World Health Organization estimates the death toll of Ebola on record to have exceeded 4,000. It has called the outbreak ‘most severe acute health emergency in modern times’.