Ebola: Prices of hand sanitisers, bitter kola rise in Lagos

SINCE the recorded outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Lagos, its been observed that prices of hand sanitisers, bitter kola and general disinfectants have gone up in the state.

Surveys carried out in Lagos revealed the scarcity of disinfectants, especially hand sanitisers.

It was also gathered that though some shops still stocked different brands of hand sanitisers, the prices had generally gone up.

With unconfirmed speculations that that bitter kola is a cure for Ebola, the price of the product had also gone up, as a piece of bitter kola, which used to sell for N20, now goes for N50.

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Lamenting the scarcity of the product, Mr Ebenezer Adesanmi, said that he had visited more than six shops to buy hand sanitiser but could not find any.

Also speaking, Mrs Nkem Okolo, who owns a shop where she sells cosmetics in Ojota, confirmed the rush by Lagos residents to buy hand sanitisers.

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“I bought over 10 cartons of hand sanitisers last week and I have sold all of them. A man came to my shop and bought N10,000 worth of hand sanitisers. The situation at hand really calls for caution and I am encouraging people to be more hygenic,” she said.

A man who sells kolanuts, bitter kola and others, simply called Umaru, pointed out that there had been a rush by people to buy bitter kola.

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The question is, if all the precaution measures applied by quarantine doctors that treated Sawyer had failed, what can hand sanitizer do?….comments