Ebola: Female patient discharged from Lagos hospital

Nigeria has its first good news about Ebola in the country.
One of those infected by the late Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer
has pulled out of danger and subsequently discharged from
The lucky survivor is a female victim involved in the index case of
the Ebola patient, Patrick Sawyer at First Consultant
Five other infected persons are said to be responding to treatment
and stand a chance of also pulling through.
“She was among the confirmed cases of EVD in Nigeria. It is
gladdening that she is now free of the disease,” Health Minister
Onyebuchi Chukwu said last night in Lagos in an update on the
Ebola disease.
But he did not name the discharged patient.
He added: “At present, five of the patients have almost fully
He said the lucky patient had been allowed home from the
quarantine unit of the Emergency Operation Centre (EOC), at the
Mainland Hospital, Yaba, Lagos.
The minister was silent on the manner of treatment the patient
received and if there was any drug used.
He simply said: “We kept to international standard of managing
the case and we are happy she was screened and re-screened
over the stipulated period by World Health Organisation (WHO) and
confirmed free of any trace of Ebola virus.”
The minister with whom was the Lagos State Commissioner for
Health, Dr Jide Idris, said the discharged patient had been given a
clean bill of health to go home.
“ I have consulted with the experts, and they say clearly that there
is a discharge protocol that was employed for this particular
patient. It has been followed strictly and was concluded todayý
and what you are getting now is the final outcome. Ordinarily, if
she had been afflicted with another illness she would have been
discharged long before now.”
According to him, the total number of confirmed cases of EVD in
the country now stands at12, with four deaths and 189 under
surveillance in Lagos and six in Enugu.
On the welfare of the Ebola patients, the minister said those
receiving treatment have been moved to the new 40 bed capacity
isolation ward provided by the Lagos state government. Additional
equipment has been provided by the Federal Government at the
isolation ward.
He also said that the controversial drug –Nano Silver- will not be
administered on any patient in Nigeria as it does not meet the
requirement stipulated by the National Health Research Ethics
His words:”You will recall that last Thursday. I announced that we
were ready to deploy an experimental drug, Nano Silver, until it
was cleared by the National Health Research Research Ethics
“Although the drug has since last Thursday been made available
to the EOC in Lagos. It has not been administered to any patient
because we were awaiting clearance by ýthe National Health
Research Ethics Committee.
“I regret to inform you that the drug did not meet the requirements
of the National Health Research Ethics Code. Accordingly,
approval for its use was withheld by the National Health Research
Ethics Committee.”
He, however, said the other nominee drugs are currently under
evaluation by the Treatment Research Group for EVD.
“As soon as any of the experimental drugs ýis cleared by the
National Health Research Ethics Committee, and issue available
we shall incident if in the treatment regeneration subject to the
informed consent of the patient,” he said.