‘Business had been good, until Ebola arrived’ – Lagos sex workers laments

LAGOS prostitutes have complained bitterly of Low patronage due to Ebola Virus Disease in Lagos state. Kate, Bright and Happiness sat on the lawn of a Lagos brothel, sipping lager and chatting with men in groups of two or four. Business had been good, they said, until Ebola arrived.
“I have been in this business for two years but business has never
been this slow,” said Kate.

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“I used to have an average of seven customers per day but I can
hardly see four now since this Ebola disease came to town,” the
25-year-old told AFP.

“Many of our customers are afraid to come to us for fear of
contracting the disease. This Ebola wahala (problem) is really bad
business. The government should do something about it.”

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With Ebola spread through the bodily fluids of an infected person,
including sweat, the sex workers say they’ve been particularly
badly hit by public fears.

“This disease is bad-o!” said 23-year-old Bright. “It is worse than
HIV/AIDS. You can prevent HIV by using condoms but you can’t
do the same with Ebola.

“If care is not taken we will soon be driven out of business
because nobody wants to die.”