Boys or Girls, which is Harder to Raise?

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Whether it is a girl child or a boy, raising a child is challenging and a bit difficult too. However, the main problems in girls are low self esteem and depression and if as parents you are able to fill in your child self confidence and make her believe in herself, this is a great achievement for you. Do not differentiate if one of your children is boy and the other a girl. This is a fact that boys and girls are different from each other in many ways, but bringing them up is a bit different.

Girl child is special and needs special care. Raising a girl child is a very big responsibility on parents. In olden times, birth of a girl child was considered as a good omen and a sign of entry of Goddess Laxmi in the house. However, girls very given a lower status as compared to boys. With changing time girls have gained status which is equal to boys. Read on to find top 10 tips on raising a girl child.

How to make your daughter smart, confident and intelligent

She is your angle, your princess. Daughters have proved to be precious and they even support their parents emotionally as well as financially in these modern days. You have to give her a balanced upbringing.

  1. Avoid Spoiling Her
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Do not fulfill all her demands especially those that are far fetched. These will fill in stubbornness and high headedness in her.

  1. Do not Pamper Her too Much

Pampering your children is a must, but do not overdo. If your daughter wants you to do her homework, you must not support these activities.

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  1. Develop Decision Making in Her

Help her take in decision making skills. Fill in her a sense of right and wrong as well as a strong determination that will help her achieve her dreams. Help her achieve degrees and skills so that she can stand out economically independent.

  1. Encourage Her

Enable her to achieve her dreams. Make her understand and overcome the bearers and this you can do by encouraging her.

  1. Put good Qualities

Start putting in qualities right from the very beginning. Do not pamper her or treat her as delicate darling. Enable her to face the world and achieve whatever she wants to.

  1. Make her Strong
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Help her make her dreams powerful so that she accepts the challenges coming in between and achieve it.

  1. Provide Her the Best Possible Education

Provide her the best possible education which is of her interest. Even if she does not show interest in academic field, enable her to develop her skills and let her achieve height in what she wants to do.

  1. Pay Heed to Her Diet

A young girl should eat healthy. Make her understand the importance of nutrition and help her stay away from fast food and junk food items.

  1. Encourage Her to Have Good Friends Around

It is very important for your daughter to have good friends. You can also call and talk to her friends or get involved in her activities so that you can have a check on them as well.


  1. Persuade Her to Be Physically Active

Help her get involved in any kind of physical activity and play games she likes. Do not let her be a cyber geek.

  1. Do not be Overprotective

This irritates a girl child. Indulge in her traditional values and let her have the freedom that modern day girls enjoy.

  1. Give Equal Status
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Give equal status to your girl child like your boy child. Do not distinguish between your girl child and boy child and pay right amount of attention to both. Fulfill their needs based on their requirements and not on their genders.

If you follow the guidelines, you will see that you are able to bring up your daughter in a way that will make her smart and confident. A mixture of traditional and modern values will help your girl child develop her talents. Remember, your daughter is like dough and you have to mould her personality and future. Do a good job and help her get familiar with traditions and culture. Do not make her conservative and narrow minded.