BIZARRE: Pastor instructs Church members to drink petrol he ‘miraculously’ turned to juice.


A South African preacher has directed the members of his Church to drink petrol that he had ‘miraculously’ turned into a pineapple juice.

Pastor Lesego Daniel performed the “miracle” by pouring petrol into a bucket and dropping a match inside, causing it to set alight.

And he then told the congregation in Garankuwa, near Pretoria, that the petrol had been transformed into pineapple juice – and asked them to come up and take a drink.

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The pastor’s high-energy services attract hundreds of worshippers to his Rabboni Centre Ministry.

“I want to prove to you, with the flames that will burn here, that it shows what can be achieved if you have faith,’ the quoted him as telling to his worshippers.

“What you see, you have to believe it,” he said.

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Men and women of the church approach the charismatic pastor in almost trance-like state, wrestling for the bottle of petrol for a sip of the miracle pineapple juice, said the report.

If you recall, pastor lasego earlier this year made his followers to eat grass claiming that those that has faith could survive on whatever they choose.