APC condemns Campaign for Jonathan’s re-election.


The All Progressives Congress (APC) has described as utterly
callous and insensitive the ongoing campaign by the so-called
GEJites, a pro-Jonathan group, for the President’s re-election
right at the same spot where the ‘bring back our girls’
campaigners have been staging daily protests demanding the safe
return of the over 200 girls.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Thursday by its National
Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said the
message being conveyed to all Nigerians is that the re-election of
President Goodluck Jonathan takes priority over anything else,
including the security and welfare of the citizens.

”Were this not to be so, no responsible group will choose this time,
when over 200 school girls have been missing for over 80 days
and the terror group Boko Haram is daily killing and maiming
Nigerians, to launch a misguided re-election campaign for the
President. If their daughters were among the missing school girls,
will they be launching a political campaign for re-election rather
than pushing for the girls’ release?

”To show their contempt for decency and as if they were intent on
inflicting more pain on the parents and guardians of the missing
girls, they decided to position their campaign instrument, wheel-
mounted electronic billboards, right at the Unity Fountain in Abuja
where committed and patriotic Nigerians have been holding their
own daily campaign for the safe return of the girls,” it said.

APC said much as it may deny, it is clear that the Jonathan
Administration, that has surpassed itself in sheer cluelessness in
providing purposeful leadership to stop the daily carnage in the
country and ensuring the return of the missing girls, has
apparently been secretly funding different groups to campaign for

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”First there is the Protectors of Nigerian Posterity, then the
Goodluck Initiative for Transformation 2015 and now the GEJites.
With the expensive newspaper, television and Social Media adverts
that these nebulous groups are running, it is clear they are being
financed from a bottomless war chest, to which taxpayers have
been unwilling contributors.

”It is sad that a government that apparently cannot adequately
fund the war on terror, a government that has lost the initiative to
terrorists, a government that cannot provide jobs for its teeming
army of unemployed, a government that is running Nigeria aground
has suddenly found huge funds to engage in a re-election
campaign that is going nowhere, touting tokenism as
achievements,” the party said.

It said if the Administration does not endorse the callousness and
insensitivity of the groups, it should publicly dissociate itself from
them and then call them to order.
Meanwhile, APC has raised the alarm that the Federal Government
is losing the war on terror, which has progressively gotten worse
since the abduction of the Chibok girls over 80 days ago.

”Almost on a daily basis now, these terrorists have been striking
at places and times of their own choosing, even as they are
becoming more emboldened to carry their terror campaign right
into the heart of the nation’s capital, Abuja. Innocent Nigerians are
being killed and maimed in high numbers across several states
”Instead of cashing in on the global outcry that followed the
abduction of the over 200 Chibok girls to galvanize national and
international action, not just support, the Jonathan Administration
has been chasing shadows, pointing accusing fingers at innocent
groups and people; harassing the media and curtailing individual

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”One misguided pro-Jonathan commentator even said the attacks
are occurring in states under the control of the APC, as if Bauchi
and Kaduna are APC states. We have said it before and we will
repeat it here: Boko Haram is a clear and present danger to all
Nigerians: Christians and Muslims; Men, women and children; The
rich and the poor as well as People of all political leanings and of
all ethnic groups.

”When they want to throw their bombs, they do not ask if
supporters or opponents of Jonathan are there. They do not ask if
supporters of PDP or APC are there. They just kill, maim and
destroy indiscriminately,” the party said.

It therefore reiterated its earlier call for a non-partisan approach
to solving the Boko Haram crisis, an approach that will not factor
in the 2015 political calculations, an approach that will not
demonize a people of certain religion or ethnicity, an approach that
will not divide Nigerians along primordial lines.

”This is why we have offered our hand of cooperation that has yet
to be accepted by the Federal Government. This is why we have
called for a National Security Summit of all stakeholders to proffer
solutions to the Boko Haram crisis. This is why we have reminded
the FG that Boko Haram is not just a security issue, but also a
social, economic and political crisis that must be tackled
holistically,” APC said.

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The party said the Jonathan Administration should have the
humility to admit that whatever tactics it has been using against
Boko Haram are not working and then reach out to all
stakeholders to find a way out of the national quagmire.

”The state of emergency, which has been renewed twice, has not
stemmed the tide of attacks. Chibok, where school girls were
abducted, is not any more secured now as more attacks and
abductions have taken place there. The terrorists, who used to
strike on the outskirts of Abuja, have now taken their battle into
the city. It is time for new thinking, new direction and new purpose
in the fight against terror,” it said.

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