APC brags to reclaim Adamawa in Bye-elections

apc brags to reclaim Adamawa in bye-election
Recently, Governor Mortals Naylor was impeached by Adamawa House of assembly. However, the All Progressives Congress (APC), has expressed its determination to ensure that Adamawa State returns to its fold despite the setback suffered by the party through the recent
impeachment of Governor Murtala Nyako.

The new resolve came just as the party yesterday took a swipe at
President Goodluck Jonathan’s decision to fix a meeting with
representatives of the parents of the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls,
only after the visit of the Pakistani girl-child education
campaigner, Malala Yousafzai.

APC described it as an embarrassment that it took a 17-year-old
girl to convince the President to agree to meet the Chibok parents.
While updating journalists in Abuja on the steps being taken by the
APC leadership over the impeachment of the Governor Nyako, the
National Vice-Chairman of the party for North-east, Babachir
David Lawal, said in as much as the impeachment would be
challenged in the courts, the party would also participate in the
bye-election that is due in three month.

“We wish to assure the good people of Adamawa State that we will
challenge this illegality in the courts on behalf of the party and the
good people of the state. And we are very certain in our belief that
this illegality will be reversed, the true motives of the perpetrators
exposed and our legitimate governor returned to his post as soon
as possible.

“The constitution directs that election be held within 90days from
the date of impeachment. So, while we are preparing to challenge
the impeachment in the courts, the party has assured us that they
will assist us in the process of selecting and presenting a very
fearless, honest, people-focused and credible candidate for the
election,” he said.

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Lawal said the party will ensure that its selection of the best
candidate would not dwell much on tribal, religion or sect.
“Let us leave such to PDP, which is a well known apostle of tribal,
religious and divisive politics. We will soon be entertained as we
watch the PDP implode, scatter and self-destruct over who their
own candidate will be.

“Those who thought they would shame and destabilise us have
only won pyrrhic victory. In the forthcoming election, we are the
fore runners because a just God is on our side,” he said.
Meanwhile, APC has described as an compound embarrassment
the fact that it took 17-year-old girl-child education campaigner,
Pakistani Malala Yousafzai, to visit and convince President
Goodluck Jonathan to agree to a meeting with representatives of
the parents of the kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls.

The party said the reason the meeting with the school girls’
parents failed was because the parents were not properly informed
and invited by the Presidency, adding that the presidency instead
turned around to blame the opposition and the patriotic and
selfless Nigerians who have been campaigning daily, under the
#Bringbackourgirls group.

“President Jonathan, who has already embarrassed himself and
the entire people of Nigeria by his inexplicable failure to visit
Chibok since the girls were abducted over 90 days ago, has
compounded the embarrassment and insulted Nigerians by waiting
for Malala to goad him to meet with the girls’ parents, not in
Chibok but in Abuja,” the party said in a statement issued in Lagos
yesterday by the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai

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”Fortunately, and to the eternal discomfiture of the presidency, the
Chibok community has said the decision not to meet with
President Jonathan in Abuja was theirs and theirs alone, and that
they took that decision because their sole reason for coming to
Abuja was to meet with Malala, and not the President who did not
invite them anyway.

”With this explanation, one would have expected a presidency that
has regard for the truth to immediately retract its earlier panic
statement, which it issued to save face after what was nothing but
a public relations gimmick blew up in their face, and apologise to
the opposition and the #Bringbackourgirls group that were unjustly
pilloried by them.

”Instead, the presidency has persisted in its distortion of the truth,
for which they have now become infamous, even as a new date
has been agreed for the meeting. This is unfortunate, condemnable
and irresponsible,” APC said.

”If indeed, as the presidency claimed earlier, that the opposition
was behind the earlier refusal by the parents and escaped girls not
to see the President, what has then made them change their
minds? Has the opposition now asked them to meet with the
President?” he asked.

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The party alerted Nigerians that the reason President Jonathan,
whose wife bullied and harangued the girls’ parents on the
grounds that they were lying and that no girl was missing, agreed
to meet with the parents was so that he could use the meeting as a
photo-op, after Malala pushed for it and the President’s US-based
image laundering firm acceded to it.

”Mr. President, your frantic effort to meet with the Chibok parents
now is too little too late, and no amount of photo-op will change
that. If your handlers had been sincere, Mr. President, they would
have told you that the best venue of the meeting is Chibok, not
Abuja where your people tried, but failed, to waylay the parents
who came for a meeting with Malala,” the statement said.

The party reiterated its earlier call on the President to shake off his
lethargy and bring the abducted schoolgirls home safely, instead of
playing politics with the lives of over 200 human beings.