All Hail King Drake: Ruling king of the Ladies

It is no news that Aubrey Drake Graham is a ladies man. This rapper whose stage name is simply ‘Drake’ has been in many sensual stage performances and videos with top singers. Among these singers are Nicki Minaj whom he was purportedly dating for a while and then Rihanna among others.

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First it began in 2014 august 4th, when Young money record label released the video of ‘Anaconda’ by Nicki Minaj. This was a song which made the waves in its deep sexual nature and the clear message Nicki was trying to pass across. However, what caught many people’s attention was the erotic performance displayed by Nicki Minaj where she twerked and seductively danced on Drake who sat there with an awestruck look on his face. Everyone began speculating if the duo were hitching it again or if they were merely shooting a video.

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The next thing we knew, Rihanna comes on-stage and drops a hot one on us with her new single ‘Work’ which was released on the 27th of January 2016. This song is part of her eight studio album titled ‘Anti’, her release of the video had everyone talking as once again our dear Drake was in it. This was also a sensual and erotic performance with Drake standing mostly and having Rihanna twerk on him. The second version of the video also had a similar performance between the duo. Everyone again began to speculate if the two were dating again as they had great on-screen chemistry. However, Rihanna at a recent Ellen DeGeneres show clarified that she was single but was anticipating going on her world tour with Drake.  Their great chemistry could have stemmed from the fact that they had actually dated briefly after the Rihanna  and Chris Brown episode.

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This is not the end of the story as a while  after Nicki Drama and before all the Rihanna drama, Drake had another encounter with Madonna while he performed on stage with her. During her Human nature performance at the 2015 Coachella, Madonna french kissed drake right on stage with steered an uproar. Drake did not look too happy about the kiss and many thought he was grossed out by the 56 year-old-mother-of-four kissing his then 28 year old lips. however, he later clarified that he was totally into the kiss and only got repulsed when it ended and he tasted her beige lipstick/gloss which must have tasted nasty as he instantly wiped his mouth.

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Whatever the case may be in all three episodes and the myriad other episodes of drake and hot women, the fact remains that drake is king of the ladies. He has been crowned and he is owning his kingship.