8 physical things that attract men to women.[READ]

Men unlike women, are straight-forward to a large extent. Just by watching men carefully, it can be easy to find out what they notice first each time they meet a woman.
Here are a few interesting things that are important to them:



A woman who smiles often is considered to be very attractive and approachable. She radiates happiness and optimism, which makes a conversation easier for men.
Numerous studies proved that a smile stimulates more positive reaction.
Women should ensure that their smile isn’t artificial, but natural. And the major difference between both is that a natural smile reflects in the eyes!



This is another thing men look out for in women. Its a popular saying that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”.Therefore, they can tell enough about a person.
Studies have shown that nearly 70% of men pay attention to women’s eyes first, and only then, to everything else.
There is also a stereotype that men like women with large childish eyes. So, a good trick for that is in using mascara, eye liner, and nude shades of eyeshadow!

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Men love it when a women’s hair is beautiful and healthy. They easily pay compliments to women with lovely hair-do.
Men believe a woman who pays enough attention to her hair, and makes it look good is a sign of health and youth.
Ladies, wear your hair in a way that suits you best, but that also reflects confidence.

A woman’s breasts are usually considered a sign of youth and fertility. This is one of the reasons why most men pay attention to a woman’s chest.
But the good news is that “taste differ!” because “One man’s meat is definitely another man’s poison”
Therefore ladies, do not worry about your breasts. Just ensure that you always wear appropriate underwear, and consider doing some weight-lifting exercise.



The legs are hot spots for men, especially the calves. They love the way the woman’s legs look  in skirts, and shorts. Some men also admire the knees, when legs are crossed.
Women should ensure the legs are moisturized, and well taken care of. Don’t get too bothered about having long legs, because they necessarily don’t have to be long!

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For most men, being fake means high maintenance and large expenses.
Ladies should try as much as possible to look natural. Learn to conceal your drawbacks, and look beautiful, without necessarily looking like a painted doll. Choose light foundations, nude shades, and pink blushes.
If hair extensions are to be used, they should be of good quality, and look neat.



The way the skin looks also attracts the men. They see a good and even skin as a source of health. Most men believe a healthy looking complexion woman will produce healthy offspring.
Women need to take good care of their skin by always cleansing and moisturizing their skin in the morning, and before going to bed at night. Avoid sleeping with make up on, and exfoliate your skin often.

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This is the most important one. Recent studies show that most men prefer a classy dresser to a woman who reveals too much of her skin.
Men love some mystery about women. But a half-naked woman reveals all secrets!
A great sense of style tells a lot about a person’s personality.
Perfumes and make up show taste, while shoes and accessories reveal lifestyle and sophistication.
Women should not forget that men are also aware of fashion trends, and they notice everything!