7 relationship killer habits to avoid [ READ ]


Knowing that someone loves you is as good as earning million bucks. Handling a good and fine relationship with your spouse is also not as easy as the beginning of a love affair seem.
However, here are some habits you need to quit in order to save your relationship from hitting rock.

1. Neglecting your appearance

Do not be carried away with the whole love chemistry. Remember that you were beautiful to your spouse’s eyes before he approached you. You need to take care of yourself and look beautiful, be trendy and smart, because all these things are the reasons why he asked you out. So, keep the fire burning!

2. Talking about your exes

As a writer, i had experience and trust me it almost ruined my relationship. Talking about your ex is one of the biggest romance killers you should avoid! After all, do you want to hear your partner talk about his ex? I’m sure you don’t! Even if your boyfriend will ask you about your exes, don’t answer and try to change the subject!  Whatever you tell partner about your ex will be used against you in your present relashionship.


3. Talking down about yourself

No guy likes to hear his girlfriend talk negative about herself. No matter how you see yourself, your boyfriend is with you for a reason. He loves you and he thinks you are beautiful and sexy! If you don’t love yourself your partner will find it difficult to love you too!

4. What you wear to sleep

No matter how long you’ve been with your partner, he still likes to see something. Make him dreaming about you the whole night by wearing a tight tank and booty shorts to bed! Reveal it!

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5. Putting Yourself and Your Needs First

All successful relationships are based on a sense of compromise and collaboration, as each individual must consider the needs of their partner and place these ahead of their own. Individuals who continue to put their own needs first are unlikely to prosper in a relationship, simply because their better half will become tired of being marginalized and having their feelings disregarded over a prolonged period of time.

6. Checking your phone

If it’s getting hot between you two on your couch and suddenly your phone rings, ignore it! Consider your partner’s feelings and how that could make him feel. If you checked your phone, this would seem that your friend is more important than him, and that’s a really bad feeling regardless of how long you have been together. If this persist, you are giving him/her a reason to think that you are cheating. You should definitely avoid this habit !

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7. Laziness

As a Lady, You don’t bother even to cook dinner because you are too busy watching TV and chatting on phone. As a man, you need to work in order to make money to fuel the relationship. your spouse wants to be proud of you in society. laziness is a big romance killer you should avoid too!

Which of these habits are you guilty of? Comment