5 things that makes you look perfect on a first date

Before going on a date especially on the first one, there are different things to consider which revolve round the cloth you are going to put on because your appearance defines your personality and you also have a better chance to show how great you are as a lady instead of giving yourself headache over  the type of make up to wear ,things the both of you will talk about, the beautiful place you would love to go to and so on.Romantic-Date

If you think it is less important then you should bear the pain of your date looking at another guy’s chick. This are the major tips for your perfect, knock- em dead first date outfit.

  1. WEAR A SEXY GOWN OR FITTED SKIRT: many ladies make a mistake in this aspect , some even go to the extent of wearing a crazy jean and a faded top or a top with local shining stones on it and a cap. As a lady who wants to look sexy and presenter and also want a positive thought from a man, it is better to wear a sexy gown or a fitted skirt but must times when we dress like this , we feel we have over dressed  or dress  to portray a fake life.  But through a man’s eyes, a dress or skirt shows off our sexy and feminine side.
  2.  WEAR  A  STUNNING PAIR OF HEELS: This is really important because i can’t just imagine a lady wearing a flat pair of heels after  the pain of looking for a perfect sexy cloth to wear , but many ladies actually make this mistake even some wear a  pair of fancy slippers and change to their shoes when they get to the venue. If you know you can’t walk on heels then try wear wedge but that is when you have confirmed that the wedge goes perfectly well with your dress and if not so, then wear a shoe with a leveled  heel not looking for a 6 inches shoe because you want to dress to kill and end up disgracing yourself . Make sure you wear want you will be perfectly comfortable to walk in on but not a flat pair of shoes.
  3.  CHOOSE WISE COLOUR: Ladies prefer to  to dress in black, brown and grey because these colors are understated and slimming but a guy is looking beyond those colour especially on the first date because they are doing a job interview for you or hiring you as professional usher. They’re searching for a feminine compliment to their masculine energy—someone they can treat like a princess so that they  can feel like a man. Turquoise and coral seem to be particular favorites for many men, but choose a color that looks perfect for your skin and brings out your complexion instead of the normal  category of colour
  4.  AVOIDING BRAGGING: Men hate women that brag a lot  about their selves either about  the price of their clothes, shoes, bags or accessories even the place you bought them, you don’t have to say you ordered  your clothes from Jumia or any other online shopping complex because you will make the man run away  or scam you. In fact, if you’re dripping head to toe in Prada or Gucci, it’s likely to even be a turn-off. You are not modelling for any fashion clothing  outlet. You should be concerned with wearing  clothes that show off your best features.
  5.  SHOW A LITTLE SKIN : You need to show a little skin because  men do need to be able to see your physique in order to gauge their attention but not to the extent of exposing you bust or wearing a dress that exposes such ,as you would only get the guy irritated or make him have a canal knowledge of you. So pick a dress or skirt that shows off your great legs and arms, but isn’t so low cut or short that your date will have a hard time concentrating. Packaging is the key because all ladies are beautiful in their sizes and shapes.With these tips, you have gotten all you need to the keep your  guy interested. When you get dressed, you’ll feel your attitude transform into the fun and flirty woman who deserves a great man and you never can tell if you may end up getting married to your last date.
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