10 Shocking Things Your Feet Says About Your Health


Your sexy feet can actually say a lot about your health. So when your feet send one of these warning messages, pay attention. failure to do this may result to a dire consequence which may be unfavourable to . Here are ten (10) tips to know about your feet.

1. Your toenails are slightly sunken and have spoon-shaped indentations – This is typically a sign of anemia, especially in moderate to severe cases. Anemia occurs when you don’t have enough hemoglobin and iron in your body, and it can be spurred on my internal bleeding (such as an ulcer) or heavy menstrual periods. You nail beds may appear pale and brittle, and your feet may also be cold, but the #1 sign that you might have anemia is fatigue. If you think you have anemia, get a physical exam and a complete blood count, and try iron supplements and dietary changes to add iron and Vitamin C back in your body!

2. Hairless Feet or Toes – Poor circulation, usually caused by vascular disease, can make hair vanish from feet. Your feet may appear bright red when you stand up and pale immediately when you elevate them. See a doctor to treat the underlying vascular problems to improve your circulation.

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3. Dry, Flaky Skin – You don’t have to be an athlete to get athlete’s foot, a fungal infection that typically starts as dry, itchy skin and progresses to inflammation and blisters. This will usually show up between your toes first, and then it can spread to your soles or other body parts due to scratching. Mild cases can be self-treated by bathing your feet often and drying them thoroughly. If you see no improvement in two weeks or if it worsens, come see me!

4. Numbness in Both Feet – If you’re feet feel numb, this could be a sign that there is damage to the peripheral nervous system, which is typically caused by diabetes, alcohol abuse, and sometimes chemotherapy. See a physician to pinpoint the cause. There is no cure, but medications can treat the symptoms you feel.

5. Thick, Yellow, Disgusting Toenails – More than likely you have a fungal infection under your nails. These infections can be a pain to get rid of and make for incredibly unattractive nails. It’s typically common in older people, and they can cause problems with walking. Luckily, I can help! Give me a call before it gets too severe!

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6. Stinky Feet – This is rarely a sign that something’s wrong. After all, your feet contain more sweat glands than any other body part (half a million glands per pair!), and some people are more prone to sweat than others. Be sure to wash your feet with antibacterial soap and dry them well. Change your socks frequently and clean them, and try using natural materials like cotton socks and leather shoes.

7. Frequent Foot Cramping – If you have sudden intense foot cramps often, your diet may be lacking potassium, calcium, or magnesium. Try to flex your foot and massage it, and apply rubbing alcohol or a cold pack to the foot.

8. Cold Feet – Cold feet usually isn’t scary , but it could maybe point to a thyroid problem or poor circulation.  The thyroid is the gland that regulates your metabolism and temperature, and a underperforming thyroid can also give way to poor circulation. Try wearing wool socks and lined boots to keep your feet warm.

9. A Suddenly Enlarged, Creepy-Looking Big Toe – If you notice that you suddenly have a scary-looking and enlarged big toe joint, you might have gout, which is a form of arthritis usually caused by too much uric acid. You might experience swelling and shiny red or purplish skin coupled with a sensation of pain and heat, which can also occur on your instep, Achilles tendon, knees, and even the elbows. See a doctor about controlling the causes of gout and come pay me a visit, too!

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10. It Hurts to Walk on Your Feet – It’s possible that you might have undiagnosed stress fractures plaguing you. These fractures often occur repeatedly and is usually caused by other problems like osteopenia, malnutrition, a problem with absorbing calcium, or anorexia. You can actually still walk on broken bones – it just hurts like crazy! See me about any pain you feel!